NETZSCH Confectionery – System MAMBO® Production of Confectionery Masses.


 · Savings

Compared to other systems, MAMBO® technology is characterized by reduced requirements for energy, cooling water and space. Consid- erably shortened processing times are realized as the mixing and refining processes run simultaneously. The MAMBO® process also allows you to save on fats and / or lecithin.


· Economic efficiency

With our plants, even small batches of standard or special confectionery masses with their own distinctive characteristics can be produced economically. All plants are controlled from an operator terminal. This limits manpower requirements to just material handling.


· Quality

With the MAMBO® process you will achieve the best reproducibility in a defined semi-automated process. The simple, menu-guided control concept including temperature control allows precise adjustment for your desired quality, with end fineness < 15 μm possible.



· Flexibility

Thanks to its modular design, the MAMBO® can be configured to your exact requirements and can be easily expanded to the needs of your plant. As an added advantage, cleaning is exceptionally easy and fast, so a formulation can be changed at any time without major effort.



· Creativity

In addition to standard filling cream, spreads and compounds the MAMBO® can also process specialties such as diet masses or chocolate with different types of sugar and additives. You can also make white products that is true- to-color, fully temperature controlled and with consistent, reproducible quality.  


· Advantages:

• Fully-enclosed system eliminates risk of external contamination 

• Modern Design – ergonomic, hygienic and compact 

• Faster return on investment due to a wide range of applications 

• Noise reduction and heat savings due to the enclosed housing design 

• Quality consistency due to our automated process 

• Faster and economic product exchange with low material loss from cleaning 

• Integrated CIP (clean-in-place) system for tanks and piping 




Capacity [kg/h]

Space requirement [m2]*

MAMBO® 1000

250 – 500


MAMBO® 2000

500 – 1000


MAMBO® 3000

1000 – 2000