About us


Already in the second decade company MEW-Tech service & sales GmbH, has the leading position in project management, sales and service in the food industry. The successful concept of engineering, sales and services allows the company and its partners to establish a safe position on different markets. At the beginning of its activity, the company was focused on the confectionery industry in the countries of the former USSR. Currently, we take part on projects in Eastern Europe and Asia, both in the confectionery, bakery industry and mixed industries.

Thanks to our offices and subsidiaries in other countries, we can both cover the area of representation services for European manufacturers and meet fairly accurate predictions about the feasibility and are able to assess political-financial risks.

The head company of the Group - MEW-Tech service & sales GmbH is situated in the suburb of Heidelberg, Germany.

There are offices and affiliates in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as representation in Kazakhstan.

Companies of our group are occupied with the distribution and post-warranty service of industrial equipment for the food industry. When needed, our representatives are able to advise customers about equipment in a technically competent manner.