Pressure shock resistant and simple 

The grinding of products, whose dusts are potentially explosive, places particu- larly high demands on the technology used and the design of a grinding plant with regard to safety. The most frequently used variant is a complete grinding system which is pressure shock resistant up to 10 bar (g). However, this usually means considerable costs for peripheral equip- ment.

With the new ATEX-compliant plant concept CUM COMPACT, the installation of a more efficient grinding plant for many products is considerably easier: With this newly developed plant concept, explosion protection valves or explosion suppression equipment, explosion-de- coupling devices, ventilators and even dust filter systems are no longer required in the classical sense.


- Low space requirement

- Compact design

- ATEX conform

- Fast and easy cleaning

- Low investment costs

- Low maintenance costs

- User friendly

- Easy access

- Dust-free filling

- Universal operation


Universal Mill


 The well-proven CONDUX Universal Mill is the basis machine in this new grinding system. The products are ground within this machine mainly by impact and shearing action. By simply selecting different grinding tools, this machine can be used either as a blast mill, pin-disc mill or wing-beater mill, enabling it to process a large variety of prod- ucts and produce various final finenesses! 

In contrast to conventional grinding plants, the processing gas in the new Universal Mill CUM COMPACT is circulated. A pressure shock resistant rotary valve feeds the product directly into the mill. After the product has been ground, it leaves the machine through another valve at the bottom of the mill.

The additional rinsing air fed through the valves and mill bearing is continu- ously discharged by the system to pre- vent a buildup of pressure. The mini- aspiration filter, specifically designed for these small amounts, prohibits the uncontrolled escape of dust through the product feed- and withdrawal valves.

A subsequent injector generates the vacuum needed by the system.

The warmth inside the mill is removed with the product when it leaves the machine, without any harm to the pro- duct itself. For this reason no processing air or equipment is needed for cooling. For example, the max. temperature increase of ground powdered sugar (fineness 99% < 200 μm) is a ∆T of 25°C.

Experience with delivered production plants as well as numerous tests have provided us with substantiated informa- tion regarding the increase of tempera- ture and the suitability of the system for daily use.