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For many years, our company has specialized in the supply and service of equipment for the confectionery industry. The scope of the supplied equipment forms a "street":


       First step:

- Manufacturing of confectionery masses - chocolate, coatings, pastes, fillings and rework.

- Homogenizing and tempering of chocolate.

- Apart from complete plants for the production of chocolate, for this purpose we equip production lines with process tanks and storage tanks, pump groups, tempering, heating / cooling systems and other associated facilities.

- Equipment for the manufacture of jelly products, fudge and cream.

- Aerating chocolate and protein masses


       Second step:

- Moulding and forming machines

- Manufacturing of pralines, chocolates and chocolate tablets

- Molding of chocolates, aerated products such as zefir.

- Molding and depositing of pastries of various shapes and recipes.

- Special facilities for sprinkling and decorating products


      For this purpose, we provide the following facilities and equipment:

- Mills, grinders, tanks, mixers, pumps, valves, pipes, heating / cooling equipment for water, tempering, aerating equipment for confectionery masses, mixers, tanks, moulders for chocolate, depositors , extruders, rotary molders, one shot machines, enrobing machines, cooling tunnels etc., as well as

- Nut topping machines, point sprinkling, cutting lines (longitudinal and cross section), fat melters, magnetic filters, and much, much more.